Milk/Whey Concentration Filtration Systems

As the result of increasingly stringent regulatory concerns, food production requires exceptional filtration and purification performance. ACS offers a complete range of solutions, products and equipment designed to exceed requirements for the food industry.

Milk Filtration System

Milk/Whey Concentration Filtration Systems

As the result of increasingly stringent regulatory concerns, food production requires exceptional filtration and purification performance. ACS offers a complete range of solutions, products and equipment designed to exceed requirements for the food industry.

Solutions for Milk/Whey Concentration

Milk/whey concentrating requires innovative filtration and purification solutions that meet FDA regulations and stringent quality control, minimize waste, and reduce operating costs. ACS manufactures customizable equipment for milk/whey concentrating, resulting in high-quality water that can be used in the concentrating process.

ACS can manage compliance issues related to:

  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Flow rates of 1 GPM to 200 GPM
  • Metals
  • Biological Oxygen Demand
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Odor Issues

Our comprehensive services include Initial Analysis & Recommendations, Compliance Testing, Supply/Process Water Consulting, New Product Development, and Existing Equipment Service.

Initial Analysis & Recommendations

• Environmental/system audits
• Effluent evaluation
• Preventive maintenance recommendations and schedules
• Establishment and monitoring of treatment logs
• Expert support for programmable logic controllers and other hardware
• Troubleshooting new and existing equipment
• Regulatory compliance
• Recycling/Reuse feasibility study and consultation

Compliance Testing Services

• Responsive metal analysis
• Total Suspended Solids (TSS) analysis
• Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) analysis
• Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis
• Review of current chemical programs for compliance and cost savings

Supply/Process Water Consulting

• On-site analysis of chemical and equipment needs
• Custom programs developed for food and dairy requirements
• Full staff of chemists, engineers, compliance consultants and technicians to address all facets of treatment

New Product Development

• ACS leads the industry in developing new chemical blends for custom applications
• State-of-the-art automation programs integrate customer-specified options

Existing Equipment Service

• Equipment recommendations and repairs
• Filter system consulting
• Membrane cleaning
• Before & After test reports

Products for Milk/Whey Concentration

We offer a comprehensive line of scientifically formulated products for the milk/whey concentration industry, including Acids/Alkalis, Coagulants, Anti-Chlorine, and Antiscalants.


The process water from food and dairy applications is discharged (to the environment or municipal treatment plant) or recycled. ACS can provide customized neutralization reagents and equipment that adjust the pH down to acceptable limits for any end application.


Specific coagulants are employed to remove particulates, both soluble and insoluble. ACS can recommend specialized chemical blends that effectively remove solids and minimize sludge production.


Membranes can be damaged by chlorine. Prior to water entering the membrane system, it’s imperative that all traces of chlorine be removed. This can be achieved through carbon filtration, or with a cost-effective anti-chlorine additive.


Antiscalants are chemicals introduced to the water stream prior to the purification process. Antiscalants help strengthen molecular bonds in order to facilitate higher recovery rates during the treatment process.

Equipment for Milk/Whey Concentration

It takes reliable, high-performance equipment to exceed the exacting requirements of grease and emulsified oil removal applications. ACS delivers with our line of solutions that can handle any oil removal project.

Batch Treatment Systems

Batch Treatment Systems utilize a sequential series of chemical processes that handle waste streams containing floating and settling waste product.

  • Can process any chemically treatable wastewater
  • Can handle 50 gallons to 10,000 gallons per batch
  • Completely automated, requiring no operator other than for periodic system maintenance

Continuous Flow Systems

These multi-stage chemical reaction systems are designed to handle complex treatment issues requiring multiple stages and processes.

  • Treats and removes contaminants to desired discharge levels
  • Treats flow rates from 10 GPM to 3,000 GPM


Clarifiers consolidate contaminants and concentrates into a thick sludge, reducing the volume required for filter press. With ACS, we combine clarifiers with appropriate components and chemicals to ensure efficient system operation and regulatory compliance

Filter Press & Filter Press Equipment

This highly automated equipment provides sludge de-watering capabilities by compressing slurry generated through normal precipitation and sedimentation.

  • ACS chemists identify and maintain the proper mix of coagulants, filter press aids and chemicals to optimize system performance
  • Only requires staff to start batches, clear filter cakes, and perform routine maintenance

Reuse/Recycling Systems

These systems may employ ultra-filtration, nano-filtration or reverse osmosis to further improve water quality for recycling within a facility.

  • Cost reduction realized through recovery of high quality water for reuse
  • Consumption of chemicals in cooling towers, boilers or other processes may be reduced

pH Control Systems

  • pH Adjustment Systems maintain the pH of process water or wastewater for discharge to a sanitary sewer.
  • pH Neutralization Systems adjust the pH of highly concentrated acidic or caustic solutions. After neutralization, the solutions are ready for use in specific manufacturing processes, or for discharge to sanitary sewer.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

ACS maintains an on-demand inventory of accessories and replacement parts to keep systems operating at peak efficiencies with minimal downtime.

  • Distributor for major equipment manufacturers such as Den Hartog, Versamatic Hydranautics, Codeline and Weber Industries.
  • Remote monitoring is available via building management programs