Wastewater Treatment

At ACS, we develop custom chemical and equipment solutions for wastewater treatment in a wide variety of facilities and applications.

Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment

We provide high-performance products and equipment for the treatment of boilers, cooling towers, steam lines, and drains.

Filtration & Purification Treatment

We use ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, or reverse osmosis solutions to help you reduce costs associated with the recovery of high quality water.

Best-In-Class Water Treatment Chemicals & Equipment for Your Business

ACS is committed to delivering the right combination of equipment,  water treatment products and expertise to meet your water treatment needs,  and keep your operations flowing smoothly. Every water treatment facility is different. ACS tailors water treatment programs to your facility, using the most effective solutions currently available.

  • Custom chemical and equipment solutions for water treatment in a wide variety of facilities and applications.
  • High-performance products and equipment for the treatment of most process water,  including boilers,  cooling towers,  plating,  parts washing,  water recovery,  and most machining processes.
  • Expertise and experience – from general safety to staff training,  we anticipate and address concerns before problems arise.
  • Complete on-site analysis of your chemical and equipment needs,  combined with ongoing documentation for your facility requirements.
  • ACS offers a full staff of chemists, engineers, compliance consultants and technicians to address all facets of water treatment.

Consult Treatment Solutions

Please fill out the form above to get in touch. We look forward to assisting your with your water treatment needs.

We Can Handle All of Your Water Treatment Needs

Advanced Chemical Systems benefits include:

  • Simplified Service – One company. One delivery. One invoice.
  • Water Monitoring – Scheduled water sample analysis and report generation. Testing is done on the date of your choosing.
  • Streamlined Sampling – ACS sends you sampling kits with pre-paid postage. Fill the kit with your water sample and send it back to us.
  • Bundled Savings – Save 5% by switching any one of your water treatment services to ACS. Use any two of our services and receive 10% off! Or bundle all three services for 15% off!
  • No Mix Options – All chemicals come premixed in the exact ratios. No touching chemicals or risk of exposure.
    Compliance Support – Our technicians recommend treatment adjustments based on your analysis,  ensuring regulatory compliance.

These benefits are offered as part of our Advanced Advantage Club, contact us to learn more. Contact us today for a free water analysis and your membership fee will be waived should you decide to have ACS provide your chemicals. To receive your free water analysis, call Advanced Chemical Systems at (844) 251-3246.