Wastewater Frame Filter Press

Wastewater Frame Filter Press for Water Treatment Applications

With the proper technology, wastewater management can be much less painless and less dirty. Our frame filter press systems make it easy to manage each stage of treatment. Built with high quality stainless steel and plastics, our filter presses are made to last and perform without corrosion. 

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How Does a Frame Filter Press Work?

Different filter presses operate differently. But generally, wastewater is first pumped into a chamber of the filter press. As it passes through the cloth, the solids collect on it forming a filter cake. Then, as additional wastewater is pumped through the chamber, the cake builds until it is cleaned and recycled.

Why Choose Advanced Chemical Systems?

When working with ACS, we always supply our partners with high performance equipment and customer support from a team of wastewater treatment experts. No matter the process, we will find a solution to meet the needs of your project.