Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater

Heavy Metal Removal Water Treatment

Even at low concentrations, metals in wastewater do not degrade naturally. Metallic waste is toxic, and regulations require that you remove heavy metals from your wastewater. At Advanced Chemical Systems, we provide water treatment programs for businesses to help reduce metals in water and ensure compliance. Metals that need to be removed include copper, iron, lead, mercury, nickel, zinc, and more.

Heavy Metals Removal

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How to Removal Heavy Metals from Water

Our treatment programs can vary depending on your unique operation. When we develop a program, we take into account operational conditions, monitoring needs, and performance. This allows us to best apply our products in the most efficient ways.

Wastewater Program Goals from ACS

  • Remove metal from wastewater at all ph ranges.
  • Reduce water treatment costs.
  • Decrease pollution and toxicity in community.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Reduces potential for future remediation