Wastewater Treatment

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When water has served its purpose within an industrial facility, it must be treated in accordance with internal and external standards prior to being discharged or reused. To meet and exceed these standards, a combination of chemicals and equipment must be employed.

With experience and expertise in the industrial wastewater treatment sector,  Advanced Chemical Systems (ACS) is equipped to provide mechanical, biological, and chemical solutions to meet the unique demands of each facility. Our customizable chemical and equipment programs ensure ACS can provide technical and economic optimization for any application.

Beginning with a complete audit of your process, our engineering team will develop a water treatment system tailored to your specific needs. Once the critical data is reviewed, we design and manufacture a chemical treatment system that maximizes efficiency and maintains regulatory compliance.

Customers can select from manual, semi-automatic and fully automated PLC/HMI systems to meet budgetary and compliance requirements. Our laboratory staff analyzes the multiple waste streams within a facility, addressing overall compliance and treatment requirements. ACS will then design a customized chemical program utilizing the latest in wastewater treatment chemicals to enhance our equipment technologies.

Let us show you why we’re the clear choice for industrial wastewater treatment.

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Concrete ManufactureConcrete manufacturing processes generate wastewater that is often high in suspended and dissolved solids. Wastewater treatment processes are employed to remove these particulates, and also adjust the pH of the wastewater within acceptable limits. ACS offers a complete range of solutions, products and equipment designed to treat the wastewater generated from varying concrete production processes.

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Food & Dairy

dairy industry imageAs the result of increasingly stringent regulatory concerns, food and dairy processing represents a technologically challenging application. ACS offers a complete range of solutions, products and equipment designed to treat the wastewater generated from food and dairy processing.

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General Manufacturing

manufacturing industryGeneral manufacturing covers a broad scope of applications across the automotive, metals, textile, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper industries. Each application presents its own unique wastewater treatment challenges.

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Oil & Grease Removal

Oil in waterACS provides technologies for removing varying oil and grease wastes, which can range from physical to chemical procedures dependent on application.

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Hydraulic Fracking & Sand Collection

gas industry imageACS manufactures multiple products used in the process of collecting and cleaning sand and other minerals used for hydraulic fracking. For such applications, ACS will typically provide two polymers of opposing charges to aid in the settling and cleaning of rinse waters. ACS also manufactures the proper equipment to enable us to recover the majority of your frack water.

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Metal Finishing

galvanizing metalMetal finishing is a demanding application that carries the risk of potential pollution from hazardous waste and oils. ACS has experience designing and installing sewer discharge systems, zero-discharge systems, and systems discharging to public waste streams.

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Paints & Coatings

paint imagePaints and coatings require the reduction or elimination of pigments and solids found in the production cycle.

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printing pressWastewater treatment for the printing industry requires the remediation or elimination of heavy-duty byproducts, such as starch and metals.

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Other Industries

If you don’t see your industry listed above, we can still help you. Please give us a call at 844.251.3246 or email us at sales@advancedchemsys.com today.